Described by many travel writers as the most beautiful Islands in the world, Tahiti is a romantic and idyllic setting for your most treasured vacation experience. The memories of such a romantic holiday together among the perfect palm-shaded beaches, the hypnotic turquoise lagoons, the lush rainforests, the intoxicating scents, the spectacular sunsets, will linger with you for a lifetime.

Enjoy your own private thatch-roofed bungalow, over the water, on the beachfront or nestled in a beautiful tropical garden and while away your time together on the sun-soaked beaches, swim and snorkel in the warm waters among the tropical fish and the coral or perhaps take a cruise under star-studded skies. Take time to indulge yourself in the exotic Polynesian and French cuisine. Discover why for centuries, Tahiti has been the inspiration of world-renowned artists, explorers, writers, filmmakers and lovers

The Islands of Tahiti have something for every traveller, sugary white sand beaches, vibrant marine life, rugged mountains, and colourful history. Tahiti is the ultimate romantic South Pacific island paradise!


Destination Information

Getting There

Select Vacations offers economy & business class airfares with Air Tahiti Nui, Qantas and Air New Zealand.


Australian passport holders are not required to have a visa.


Your Australian must have validity exceeding 6 months after the date of entry. A valid passport and a return ticket will allow you a stay of up to 30 days,

Currency & Credit Cards

The currency used in French Polynesia is the Franc of the "Compagnie Française du Pacifique" usually called French Pacific Franc. Its abbreviation is XPF or CFP. Bank notes come in denominations of 500, 1000, 5000 and 10,000 XPF and coins in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100. XPF. We suggest you to exchange your home currency into French Pacific francs upon arrival either at Tahiti international airport or at any bank of Papeete.


French Polynesia is a tropical destination with lots of sun and just enough rain for its luxuriant flowers and vegetation to grow. Temperatures range between 24°C and 30°C all year through and lagoon water temperature varies between 23°C and 26°C.

Getting around

Travel to the neighbouring islands is convenient, and easily arranged. The domestic airlines, Air Tahiti and Air Moorea fly to all the major islands in the group. Regular catamarans run between Papeete and Moorea. To get around Papeete and the surrounding towns, the public transit system offers two bus services: the Le Truck allows frequent stops and a unique way of meeting the locals while the large white RTC motor coaches offer more conventional seating. Taxi service is also available from your hotel and is best arranged by your hotel's concierge. Once in downtown Papeete, the waterfront, restaurants, and shopping are within walking distance. Car rentals are also available from the airport and your hotels. On Moorea Le Truck, operates between the main villages and the ferry.

What to Wear

Light clothes are advisable because of the tropical climate.  For women, light cotton dresses, slacks and shorts and pareos for the day and a long skirt or cool dress for evenings.  Men are most comfortable in light weight slacks and shorts and open neck shirts. Sandals or light canvas shoes are adequate.

General Tips

See a traditional Tahitian dance show with exotic Polynesian dancers and theatrical drummers.

Snorkel or Dive with Reef Sharks and Manta Rays in Bora Bora.

If the budget can extend we recommend staying in an overwater bungalow – spend a romantic night of luxury with the water lapping underneath.

Take a day cruise around Bora Bora Lagoon.

Explore Cooks Bay on Moorea drive, sail or hike this spectacular deep bay.

Take a 4WD Inland Tour of the main island of Papette, TAHITI

Visit waterfalls and lush tropical valleys of the rain forest

Mainly on Tahiti, museums of interest include the Pearl Museum, The Museum of Tahiti and her islands and also the Paul Gauguin Museum nestled in the Botanic Gardens.

Enjoy the great snorkelling and diving.

In Polynesia, people drive on the right side of the road. Rules, signals, priorities are the same as in Europe. There is only one essential precaution - drive slowly as the roads are often narrow.

Consider purchasing one of Tahiti’s famous black pearls.

Traditionally, tipping is neither required nor expected. However, if you receive particularly good service from someone the gesture will be appreciated.